Can you solve New Jersey's most exciting puzzles?

Puzzle Out is a fun and challenging live escape game in NJ with locations in Jersey City and Hoboken. You and your team have 60 minutes to complete your mission--find clues, solve puzzles, and escape!

Friends & Family

Puzzle Out is a great way to have fun as a group activity or family outing! Grab your friends, family, or co-workers and play together to crack codes, connect the dots, and sleuth your way out of the room!

Team Building

Located in downtown Jersey City and Hoboken, Puzzle Out is the perfect choice for your team building event. We are just steps away from PATH, NJTransit and just a couple of stops away from NYC! Your team will need to work together by critically thinking through problems, communicating their progress and working under pressure to escape the room with a deadline of 60 minutes!

Private Parties

Let Puzzle Out make your next party memorable: from birthdays to bachelor/ette parties to proposals. We will work with you to hide your items in our rooms ahead of your game including personal messages, gifts or even an engagement ring!


Choose from these epic games in Jersey City and Hoboken, NJ!

Crypto Heist Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Crypto Heist

Online only5-100+ players Difficulty:

You have received intel on a notorious arms dealer who trades only in bitcoin. Rumor has it that he owns over 1 million bitcoin. Your mission is to hack into his digital wallet and empty it. Do you have the skills to pull off the largest heist in history?

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Grand Theft Jersey City Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Grand Theft Jersey City

Jersey City4-16 players Difficulty:

You have come to know about a secret bank vault filled with millions of dollars worth of cash, jewelry and other valuables. The vault security can be disabled for 60 minutes: will you try to escape as fast as possible, or stick around to steal as much as you can?

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Scavengers Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

The Scavengers

Jersey City4-16 players Difficulty:

An intergalactic treasure vault owned by a mysterious being knows as The Compiler has just been revealed to you. Your team has been tasked to steal six eternity gems from the vault. Will you escape with just the gems, or try to steal more?

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Haunted Estates Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Haunted Estates

Jersey City2-8 players Difficulty:

A real estate agent who sells haunted houses has gone into hiding. He claims that a dark spirit from one of his houses has taken over his office, and he has called upon you to get rid of it. But be very careful, the spirit might not take kindly to your visit...

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Code Breakers Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ


Hoboken2-8 players Difficulty:

You have been selected by the US Secret Agency to break the code being broadcasted by the enemy enigma machine during WW1. But to become an official codebreaker, you must pass the training mission: you have 1 hour to decipher the room and escape!

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Cannibal Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ


Jersey City2-10 players Difficulty:

A psychiatrist is the primary suspect in a series of murders. His signature involves ripping out the victim's organs, and possibly...eating them. Your team of special agents have a warrant to search the psychiatrist's office for the evidence to convict him.

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Architect's Studio Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Architect's Studio

Jersey City2-6 players Difficulty:

Your client and his rival are competing to build the world's tallest building. However, the rival is keeping his skyscraper's height a secret. You have 1 hour to infiltrate the rival architect's studio and find his skyscraper's height so that your client can build taller!

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Downtown Countdown - Outdoor Puzzle Hunt Adventure in Jersey City. Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Downtown Countdown

Jersey City2-5 players Difficulty:

A diabolical mastermind named 'Simon' has hidden a nuclear explosive in Jersey City. You must play a game 'Simon says': solve puzzles and explore iconic landmarks in Jersey City's historic downtown in order to find and disarm the nuke in time!

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The Game

Can I play only with my group, or will I be paired with others?
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How many people can play at once?
How long is the game?
Will we really stay locked in the room for an hour?


Do my friends and I all need to purchase tickets for the same day and time?
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Phone: (201)-565-3332
Hoboken, NJ - 1 Newark St, Suite 22
Jersey City, NJ - 317 Grove St

Weekdays: 4pm - 12am
Weekends: 12pm - 12am

To book a game outside of our regular hours, please call us at (201)-565-3332

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Customer Testimonials for Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Puzzle out was one of the best rooms we have done. The puzzles were clever and difficult and the room was nicely decorated.

Eden D. Time Escaped - 20:45
Customer Testimonials for Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Solving the puzzles are a lot of fun, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun challenge.

Mina T. Time Escaped - 04:30
Customer Testimonials for Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

Great way to spend an hour of your time with friends or family! Everyone should experience this room at least once!

Aaliyah M. Time Escaped - 03:00
Customer Testimonials for Puzzle Out Escape Room NJ

It was our first time ever doing a puzzle/escape room and we still haven't stopped talking about it!

Taryn I. Time Escaped - 00:53
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